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“PopUp is a plugin that I installed to my website that had a drastic effect on my conversions. My opt ins increased significantly overnight. We all know that one of the most important aspects of internet marketing is building a list. PopUp takes that concept and builds on it to make it a much faster process.

I installed PopUp on my website, and my conversions increased by 568%. If you are an internet marketer in ANY way, I HIGHLY recommend PopUp , because it’s probably the product that will make the biggest difference in your conversions.”

PopUp comes as both WordPress and as a Standalone version, meaning you can install it on a variety of platforms.

This takes about five minutes, and you can change everything from the color and header, to the image and call-to-action.

As soon as you activate the popup, you can start collecting new email subscribers straight away. All this in 5 minutes!

“I really love that I can easily preview what I have created through Popup Plugin. The ease of getting to see what I have done makes me know if it is already good to go or if I should still make changes.

Without a doubt, you should give Popup Plugin a chance to work on your website so you can realize how easy it is to create beautiful pop-ups that really deliver consistent results.”

PopUp comes with nine different high-converting PopUp themes. Each design has been tested to maximize conversion rates.

Our popups are available in 14 different colors so that you can always find one to match your theme, which will stop it from appearing spammy.

You can customise your popup’s header text while still keeping the professionally designed template, for the best conversions possible.

Some of the popup themes allow you to add a paragraph of text, which can be used to better encourage people to sign up to your offer.

Detail the benefits of your offer in easy-to-read bullet points, so that you can quickly, and easily convince your visitors to give you their email address.

Using images is a great way to increase the perceived value of your offer, which is why we also offer themes with space for a small image.

Add your call to action text in the form header so that your visitors are being told exactly what to do. This will improve your conversion rate.

A/B test your popups with different on text, such as ‘Download Now’, ‘Get Instant Access’ and ‘Next Step’, to see which converts the best.

Make sure people know where you stand when it comes to information sharing with a custom security note that will make them happy to sign up.

“I popups – just like every other internet user. But this is different. It really works. In fact, it works really, really well.

This is the type of tool that will literally make the difference between success and failure in your online business. Or if you are already doing well, it will increase your profits exponentially.

In my two week test period, I saw the following results: Overall signups increased by 494% using the PopUp tool compared to the previous two week period.

PopUp doesn’t have a “spammy” feel. It looks very professional and it works really well.”

Take conversion rates to the next level by A/B testing different content, templates and styles. The more you test, the better your conversion.

See which pages and popups are yielding the best results to help influence your future thinking about offers, and content on your website.

Target specific pages, and categories for your popups to appear. It’ll help you build hyper-targeted lists of people who want what you have.

Determine how often a popup appears to a visitor. It can appear every time they visit, or every week, or even just once a year.

If you have content that you only want subscribers to see, you can create a popup that can’t be exited until the visitor has subscribed to your list.

The popup can appear immediately, or if you don’t want it to be so intrusive, you can have the popup to appear as your visitor goes to leave the page.

“After we put PopUp in place on our site at get10000fans.com our list growth went from under 100 per day to over 200 per day… and the sales did the same.

It’s crazy easy to use, and has more powerful than any other email capture tools or plugins out there (and trust me, we’ve tried them all).

Couldn’t give it any higher of a recommendation… especially to WordPress users or… Go to store

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