Web Copywriting – Best Of The Internet Copywriting Courses Online

Web Copywriting - Best Of The Internet Copywriting Courses Online

If you’d like to pull in more sales and more profits with every web marketing piece you create, check out this powerful promise from Bob Serling, the leading expert on high-profit, low-cost marketing…

Do all your web promotions get the results you’re really after? Are they as profitable as you’d like them to be?

Even if your web marketing pieces are doing alright – wouldn’t you like to increase your results substantially, even by as much as 9 times?

One of Bob Serling’s clients did just that. Using what I’m about to show you, he increased his profits by 917%. Many others increased their profits by 300% or more, as well.

How have Bob’s clients managed to produce such remarkable results time and time again? And how can you start enjoying similar results with your web marketing?

The answer is simple. If you want to improve your sales and profits exponentially, the secret to doing it is:

It’s really that easy. Look, I don’t care how great your product or service is, how attractive the design of your web site may be, what opt-in lists you’re using, how high you place in the search engines, or how unique any other component of your web marketing might be.

It’s all a waste of time if you don’t have the kind of powerful, compelling sales copy that converts the maximum number of prospects to cash-paying customers.

The bottom line is this: If you don’t do an exceptional job of motivating your prospects to take immediate action… if you bore them for one second… if you confuse them… or don’t do the strongest job possible of closing them once you have their attention…

I’m sure you know from experience that this is absolutely true. Haven’t you had days when the traffic to your site broke all previous records – but sales didn’t budge at all?

Or haven’t you created copy to revamp your home page or copy for a new promotion on your site you were sure would sell like crazy – only to have it fail dismally?

Bob has heard this story many times before – because over 90% of his clients tell him they’ve been through this.

They also tell him they wish they were much better at writing web copy. Or they knew more about how to effectively judge and improve the copy they get from the copywriting people they hire.

Here’s How To Put An End To Poor Results – And Start Increasing Your Sales And Profits Right Away

If you’d like to put an end to the dismal results you’ve been getting… if you’d like to be able to write the kind of copy that makes products disappear off the shelves and sells services like crazy… if you’d like to super-charge the performance of every web marketing piece you create, I’ve got good news for you.

Bob has just created a powerful new program that will show you, step-by-step, everything you need to know to craft the tightest, most compelling copy imaginable. Copy that sells and sells – then sells some more!

It’s called Power Copywriting For The Internet – A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Million-Dollar Advertising Copy.

One thing you should know. This program is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. You see, after following the rules all the so-called web marketing experts promote for creating copy – and suffering from extremely poor sales as a result – Bob decided to do things completely differently.

He decided to turn things upside down, inside out, mercilessly kill what didn’t work, keep only those few things that proved they produce actual sales… and "marry" all of this to what he had learned as a highly paid direct response copywriting genius.

Once Bob came up with his web copy "power formula," he put it to the test the only place it really counts – in the market place. To be perfectly frank, not all of it worked. But most of it proved exceptionally successful.

So Bob went back to the drawing board, tweaked things here, fine-tuned things there, and continued to test and refine his "power formula" until it performed like crazy. Then he tested some more.

All this testing paid off handsomely. Because what Bob ended up with was a web copy "power formula" that’s been exceptionally more profitable than anything else he ever tried.

For example, perhaps you saw his recent web promotion for a teleconference call on web marketing. That promotion was created in just a few hours using the template for his "power formula".

How well did it do? It brought in a whopping 7% response. And I mean 7% of all people who received the promotion signed up for the conference call at $197 per person.

Compare that to the meager 0.5% response… Go to store

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