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Superb Forms

What’s that one thing you want from your signup forms? — Better conversion rate. Period!! Whether you get that from a form that’s pretty or the one which is ugly — Doesn’t matter. SuperbForms are not just beautiful they are kick- conversion monsters. They were born with a sole purpose of getting you a tremendous boost to your signup rate (tried, tested and reviewed by users). Yes, they are born that’s how they come to life once they show up.

Exit smiley — this little guy here is a real hero when it comes to bringing you more subscribers. He turns the ‘not interested folks’ into ‘confirmed- subscribers’. How does he do that? Quite simply by speaking out a message to them. It’s a slight effect, but definitely contributes to more conversions. Check it out

You get access to more than 80 templates from SuperbForms. Whether your website/blog teaches people how to make money online or how to get ripped abs, you will find one that’s specific to your needs. If that isn’t enough we also have something called as ‘Complete Customization Templates’ and ‘Custom Background Templates’. These templates allow you to create a form by choosing your own combination of elements that make up the form — the background image, animation and the form frame. See the example below.

This is a very simple customization that happens on Photoshop. If you don’t have photoshop that’s absolutely fine, we’ll do it for you. As a part of your purchase you can ask us to prepare up to 3 forms for you.

Q. How do you get good open rates for your email campaigns? The answer is simple, send emails to addresses that your subscribers will access most frequently. Q. But how do we obtain such email addresses? Get it from Facebook. It’s a fact, email addresses ociated with one’s Facebook account are usually of the better quality. When you get one of those, rather, many of those, your list turns into a cold hard cash minting machine. Every form from SuperbForms comes with a Facebook version template. Your email service (Aweber or GetResponse) provides this service, and SuperbForms makes it a fully automatic process. What’s even better is that it makes your visitor sign up in a single click. So, by offering your visitors a one-click signup form they become much more likely to subscribe. Before you check out this form make sure you are logged in to Facebook

Customize form’s headline, bullet points and description on Photoshop just how you would edit a word do ent. Export and upload the finished file. (If you don’t have photoshop that’s absolutely fine, we’ll do it for you. As a part of your purchase you can ask us to prepare up to 3 forms for you)

Enter the link to your exported file along with your email provider’s form code in SuperbForms smart code builder. Voila!! you have successfully integrated SuperbForms to work with your email service. (there’s a reason it’s called a smart code builder and not a code builder, read about it below)

Install the SuperbForms code on your site running on WordPress or any other platform and see it come alive.

We have some awesome training videos that literally take you by the hand at every step. What makes these videos really awesome are interactive ons that take your feedback at different steps and play the tutorial based on that. Guess what, these videos are iPhone/iPad compatible (read couch compatible). If you get stuck somewhere / anywhere we have support and that’s awesome too. In fact one of our customers once said: “Your support is truly ninja-jedi-kung-fu kinds” don’t know what that means but he was thrilled with our support team. Chances are you could come up with a similar tongue twister when you experience it yourself, It’s that good.

The code builder that generates the SuperbForms code not only integrates with your email service provider flawlessly it also keeps all the essential tracking code from your autoresponder intact. So you can track your forms performance through your autoresponder’s dashboard.

SuperbForms works with most auto responders: Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, Contant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Instant Contact, iContact and more.

You don’t want a lightbox popping up in your visitor’s face immediately when they land on your site. You can set a delay to make it appear after a few seconds or minutes. You can even make the form show up once per ‘x’ days so that visitors don’t see the form on each visit.

SuperbForms look good in a lightbox frame but you can also make them a part of your page, they… Go to store

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