How To Turbo Charge Your eBay Listings

How To Turbo Charge Your eBay Listings

Armed with the easy to learn Secret Psychological triggers I am going to reveal to you, you will be able to:

If your eBay business isn’t giving you what you expected when you first started out then this will be the most exciting letter you’ll ever read.

My name is Roger Fenwick and I make thousands of dollars each and every month running my eBay business. I am now living my dream life, and I achieve all of this only working a couple of hours a day.

I wasn’t unhappy, I had a nice little eBay business ticking over quite successfully but to be honest it wasn’t exactly setting the world alight and I was struggling to make all of my listings successful.

I could see other eBayers becoming power sellers around me, yet this status just seemed to elude me. So I decided to look into what they were doing that I wasn’t.

The bulk of Ebay listings are so poorly written, boring and just downright unmotivating that the customer just clicks away and doesn’t buy at all. No wonder 60% of eBay listings need to be relisted.

Most eBay sellers just haven’t a clue how to create really powerful listings that appeal to their prospective customers.

So after many months of research I figured it out, and guess what? It was there in front of me all the time.

Powersellers’ listings are cleverly crafted sales letters converted to sell on eBay…It was so obvious that I had never even thought about it until now. So I made it my mission to learn how to write eBay listings so powerful that they would make me wealthy.

As I looked deeper into this I discovered a wealth creating skill called direct response copywriting. Basically it’s the ability to write emotional sales letters that sell using Psychological Triggers that compel people to read, respond and buy.

Look, if someone goes onto eBay and searches for something then they are already primed to buy. So if your listing speaks to them emotionally and in the way that I am going to show you then the sale is all but guaranteed. Also if your listing contains the Secret Copywriting Triggers I am going to reveal to you then the sale is virtually guaranteed.

Your eBay business will explode beyond all recognition when you incorporate what I teach into your eBay listings.

Well I did my research. For months I studied numerous top six figure earning copywriters: The likes of Phil Gosling, John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace, Nick James, Michael Silk, Pete Godfrey and Bret Thomson. Plus numerous other top guys from around the world.

I learnt how to write money making sales copy like a pro. Then I created a simple step-by-step system for creating killer eBay listings using the secrets I had learnt of these top-notch copywriters. I figured out a way to use these skills to create killer cash generating eBay listings that touch people so deeply that they buy even though they don’t quite know why…!!!!

So what’s all of this to do with you? Well I decided that all I had learned should be shared. So I created a brand new cutting edge book called

I will reveal to you an ingenious new system that makes collecting your customers details and signing them up to your email list simple. This will blow you away!!!!

Will reveal to you the seven psychological customer buying triggers that can make you rich and successful on eBay.

All that I’ve learned from the most powerful copywriters on the planet has now been distilled for you into a simple step-by-step cash generating eBay system.

A system so powerful your listings will just blow the compe ion out of the water. My book is a step by step education on the power of using cutting edge written strategies in your eBay business, both in your listings and also in your follow up communications with your customers, helping you to build your eBay business to m ive heights of wealth creation.

These secrets are why Powersellers are Power Sellers and why you are not. So reserve your copy now before the moment p es and start making your eBay dreams a reality.

Before I tell you how much you are going to pay for my new book let me ask you something.

How much money have you wasted so far in your eBay business in lost sales? How many customers have you lost just because you didn’t know how to create listings that sell? Probably hundreds if not thousands. That ends today for just a fraction of what you have lost in eBay sales.

Just some simple step-by-step changes to your listings… Go to store

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