Safe Mail Services – Safe eMail Marketing – Email Lists

Safe Mail Services - Safe eMail Marketing - Email Lists

Free Advertising Exchange 100% Free Cl ified Advertising. Submit as many ads as you wish.

Best Link Building Service Get a first page Google listing by building quality SEO PageRank links to your website daily.

A Simple and Effective Way To Deliver Your Email Campaign To Over 96 Million Recipients Per Month. That’s Over 3.1 Million Targeted Recipients Daily.

All blasts go out from our own email server which members access through login from this website. You will not be taken to a 3rd party service like many of our compe ors. And since all blasts are done by our server your ISP will have no idea you are even using an email service.

Are you tired of promoting your product with no results? How would you like to wake up each morning only to find your email box filled with orders? That’s where we come in. Our email list will allow your business to grow day after day, week after week and month after month without any additional fees or charges.

Blast your ad once per day to over 3.1 million targeted prospects. Just imagine the kind of traffic this kind of exposure can produce for your business.

The system is very easy to use. Just one click of the on and your ad is instantly blasted to the full database of recipients.

Send ads in HTML Format. You have the option to send ads with pictures, flash, sound, font colors, or anything else you can imagine. However, if you still wish to send in plain text format, not a problem, we also support it.

Personalize your ads. Members may send out email ads with name codes which inserts the recipients first or full name in the subject of the message or email body.

Save your ads for future mailings. No need to save your ad on your own computer, we supply that service for you. Each time you login your ad will be ready to go exactly as you saved it.

Absolutely no bouncing emails back to your email box. All emails are delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox. If any receiving party bounces our mail that recipient is removed and replaced with a fresh lead.

No other ads attached to your email. Your email ad goes out by itself so your ad gets all the attention from the recipient.

All email blasts go out directly from our web based server. You will not be taken to a 3rd party company or many 3rd party companies like many of our compe ors. You create one account and one blast does it all.

Our service is 100% SPAM free. You do not have to worry about getting a SPAM complaint ever. We supply all disclosures and removal links for you, this way you can concentrate on designing the best ad for your campaign without any distractions.

Best of all you will be able to crush your compe ion. Our service provides one of the highest cost-to-conversion ratios on the Net. Want to make sales without spending an arm and a leg? You just found it.

Life time membership cost $39.95. You will not be required to pay any monthly or service fee ever again. Members receive instant access to the system. Click the order link below and be mailing in as little as 5 minutes. Members are allowed to blast once a day, everyday, for life.

Receive Instant Access And Start Advertising Within Minutes. One time payment, you will never be rebilled or charged again.

Customers have agreed – Safe Mail Services is one of the most cost effective marketing tool on the Net today. We are consistently ranked in the top threeof all review sites as one of the highest producing email list services. For people needing an instant email list there is not better solution.

"Your new software is awesome! I cant believe how easy it is to use and how effective my campaigns are. I make sales every time I send and I plan on recommending you to everyone. "

"SafeMailServices provides top-notch professional support along with a great product. Unlike those other companies they answered my questions and provided ideas which really made a difference!"

"I really like your service I can tell that you guys are a real business and that you value your customers and what your customers needs are and that is really important to me and all the other people that deal with you. Great job guys. "

"Hello SafeMailServices Admin, Thanks for the "follow through." We are a very small young company. Sites like yours are helping us stay afloat until we can generate enough revenue to start a pay per click campaign. Thank you for the great site. "

"I have been using your service for… Go to store

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