Build unique price comparison affiliate stores in minutes!

Build unique price comparison affiliate stores in minutes!

Build unlimited amount of unique sites that searching engines love. Get instant access to over 50 millions products to sell on your sites. Connect your site with the world’s largest merchants including over 4,400 merchants with a single click. Earn commissions on every product sold through your site on autopilot 24/7.

Create unique high quality price comparison sites, niche sites, and online stores that look awesome on both desktops and smartphones

Quality of a web site is defined by two key points: design and contents. Magic Store Builder covers both.

Magic Store Builder offers dozens of high quality templates to fit all needs with the ability to design your own custom templates easily using the powerful template engine.

The content rich web pages generated by the software does offer high value for both Internet shoppers and searching engines as every product page generated by the software offers the main product, the related products offered by same and different merchants and best prices of all shown products.

More over you have total control over these pages with very simple HTML to have a perfect unique product page that makes your e-commerce site stands out from any other site on the Internet.

Moreover, you can build unique niche sites using the merchants you want, the products you want, the categories you want. You have total control!

Everyday there are millions of shoppers using searching engines to find the products they are looking for. E-commerce sites built using Magic Store Builder give the searching engines the contents they need to return to the shoppers. With more than fifty millions products offered at your sites there are literally hundreds of millions of keywords shoppers can use to find you.

Build unique high traffic websites that out organic traffic from searching engines and converting ready to buy searchers into hard cold commissions and sales

When it comes to searching engines and SEO, UNIQUENESS is the key. Magic Store Builder creates e-commerce sites with product pages that is completely unique in terms of design and contents giving a unique experience for search engines that make them rank your e-commerce sites pages higher than anyone.. Sometimes even higher than the merchant product page itself!

With 50 templates and a simple yet very powerful template engine you have total control over your e-commerce websites look-n-feel, contents, and structure.

Our light-weighted desktop application tells more than 33,000 websites about your newly launched e-commerce sites, in minutes.. Make searching engines crazy about your brand! Go to store

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