Publishing a Successful Fashion Blog: Pro-Blogging Guide for Stylish Entrepreneurs

Publishing a Successful Fashion Blog: Pro-Blogging Guide for Stylish Entrepreneurs

Are you a fashion enthusiast who read a lot of fashion blogs and wonder, what if you could build your own style blog too?

Do you want to start a fashion blog but you´re not a digital IT girl with money, a closet full of designer clothes, shoes and bags, and a photographer boyfriend?

Are you a fashion blogger with an over a-year-old blog and yet you´re still not making (enough) money from it?

Do you have a fashion blog and yet no matter what you do, spending hours on visiting and commenting on other blogs, you´re still unable to increase your traffic?

Are you unhappy at work and wish you could build your own business, become your own boss, and make money out of your p ion?

Do you want to create a lifestyle business which allows you to follow your own calendar, work from home or anywhere you want doing what you love?

“It took me three years to monetize my blog,” ~ Yuli Ziv, Blogging Your Way to the Front Row

Many successful fashion bloggers took over three years to monetize their blog. Some had been blogging for over a year and yet they hardly saw any improvement in their traffic and sales. I studied their story and learned from their experience.

“It wasn´t until a year into publishing when we realized quite a few people read us.” ~ Lauren Dimet-Waters, Second City Style

This eBook will tell you how to avoid those pitfalls and how to build your blog with a solid foundation starting from the VERY beginning.

Less than six months after I launched my blog, Creative Fashion, I started earning revenue, steadily, and my income increased as the traffic grew.

It´s been three years now since I became a full-time blogger and I´m happy to report that my fashion blog is still my full-time job, my main source of income, and it has given me a comfortable lifestyle business.

I also branched out and launched a self-improvement monthly magazine for Christian women. Really, the possibilities of making money online are endless!

Unless you have all those things, your polished skill in fashion reporting and fashion critiquing, or your guts to get ahead, isn´t going to cut it. REGARDLESS of your big following in Facebook and Twitter, you´re still going to be left behind eating dusts.

That´s why many elite fashion + style bloggers, those who used to set the game and were already established when I started, have now quit or have chosen to rebrand.

Big traffic, high pagerank and social media are not going to make any good unless you learn to top the best money making machine online. (I know because for two years I relied heavily on my big traffic and high pagerank to make money. But there´s a better way!)

In order to get ahead, you need to learn to play like the big boys. I gave you a step by step guide on how to do this inside the book.

I´m Glee, former high-school Maths teacher + professional debate trainer turned online entrepreneur. Before I did fashion blogging full-time, I was online for over two years sharing my personal style on a free blog platform.

I was a teacher for eight years. I was a junior Mathematics instructor in the Philippines for two years, I taught high school Maths + compe ive debating (British Parliamentary Style) in an international school in Thailand for 4 years, and I teach English conversation to s in Germany occasionally.

Since becoming a full-time blogger, I never had Sunday or Monday Blues, and I rarely noticed that it´s Friday already. I love what I do!

I’ve recently bought your new e-book and I love it. My pe e style blog is only 3 months old so I need all the help that I can get to make it a success. Thanks for being so honest in your book and for sharing such valuable tips. ~ Carol of Pe

I’m so happy I bought this ebook. Loved it so much and it’s a huge help for new bloggers or bloggers who struggles. So much good information and it really is a great guide to use. Don’t regret a second for purchased this amazing ebook! ~ Jeanette of

I finished your eBook on an hour plane flight and in that 1 sitting, learned more about blogging than all the time I blogged! The mistakes I have been making, and the ideas began to fill my brain on how I can make my blog better. Isn’t that what any blogger wants? Tactics, strategies and a check list to keep from veering off the blogging track… Go to store

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