The Offline War Chest

The Offline War Chest

I am about to tell you why you have not been able to "rake it in" in your local market…and more importantly why it’s not your fault! You’ve been duped my friend…

Yep, it’s official. You’ve been duped. Don’t feel too bad though, because they’re very good at it. What I’m about to show you may shock some of you, and a lot of marketers are going to be really mad at me. "Paper Tigers" never did scare me anyway, so it’s not like I’m worried about it.

Think about this scenario because it’s happening right under your nose, right now! Let’s pretend that you are an internet marketer, and a pretty good one. You know how to build a product, drive traffic and even set up launches with an affiliate network of even better marketers. In other words, you know how to make a sizable stack of cash on the internet when you put your mind to it.

Here’s what I’m going to do toward that end. I’m going to cut the knees right out from under the theory peddlers starting right now.

This is a product package that sold for over $2,000 if you bought each product individually! (Some of it I’ve never offered publicly) Jeremy struggled for months and spent thousands of dollars on theory products and just couldn’t get anything to work. Here’s what he says about my War Chest:

That product was the first product teaching internet marketers how to start working with local businesses, and get the US Government to book you more clients than you can handle. (Do some checking, nobody was even talking about that subject.) That ebook sold over 580 copies in short order!

It was easy to see that there was a definite hunger for that type of information. Since then, I was fortunate enough to teach and speak at dozens of conferences, all over the world. I developed several products based on my real knowledge of local consulting that sold like crazy.

Last year I spoke at 27 conferences. By the end of the year I made the announcement that I would not be speaking at any more internet events. The connections I made were great, but I LOST money because I simply didn’t have time to do what I was teaching! Yes, I was also fortunate to be the overall highest producer at almost every event, but between the coaching, support and constant travel I had no time to do what I do best…offline consulting. I really missed that too.

I love teaching people and I love to help people, but let’s be honest here. My forte’ is working with business owners, doing offline joint ventures and implementing systems for them. Leaving the speaking circuit was the best decision I’ve ever made when it comes to my business. It allowed me to concentrate on what I do best, and I’m much more comfortable with me. :-)

1. Started an international company that trains and licenses consultants with my unique systems and methods. We’re in several states, three countries and growing branch offices rapidly.

3. Signed a JV deal with a large private bank to promote my services in several states. (They have 1,700 locations)

4. Set up an annual corporate retreat workshop for 50K per attendee. 12 different companies twice a year, held at one of my resort clients locations.

5. Started a resort marketing team that enables us to stay at 5 star resorts worldwide and get paid for it. (Everybody wants on that team!) 6. Signed a multi-billion dollar client with thousands of locations worldwide. Our licensed consultants will take care of locations in their area, and share in the revenues. 7. Opened three new divisions to service local, corporate and international clients. I’ll add two more shortly as we provide more services.

Yes, it’s also true that I’ve done really well on the internet compared to most other folks, but it pales in comparison to what I could be doing offline in the same amount of time. I did not however forget everyone who has supported me on the internet, which brings us to the "why" of this offer.

You can get all of my top selling products right here, right now for a total of $27.00 bucks!

My complete Cash Cow Workshops system-this is a mive package that includes everything you need to pack local workshops and rake in huge residuals, year after year. See the complete package here (Opens in a new window)

My Instant Top Ranking system where Willie Crawford and I show you how to grab top spots in Google for almost anything you care to promote, including offline clients.

My Fast Track Consulting System which shows you the exact method and tools I use… Go to store

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