Instant Site Launcher

Instant Site Launcher

If you think that you can’t be a part of the Internet Money Making revolution because you’re not technically savvy… THINK AGAIN!

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Want to start making buckets of bucks from your own website, even if you’re off fishing or skiing or lying on the beach? Well listen up: YOU CAN! And it’s so much easier than you ever thought possible!

And when you’re finished reading this page, you’ll wonder why you didn’t read this letter before now!

So sit back and buckle that seatbelt, because I’m about to take you on a journey you’ve only dreamed possible!

Do you often find yourself daydreaming about running your own Internet business, wishing you had the knowledge to make it happen?

I’ll bet dollars to donuts that you have. After all, who hasn’t wanted to capitalize on the moneymaking capabilities of the Internet!

Of course, maybe you’re one of those who tried to latch on to the Internet moneymaking express, but jumped off BEFORE your website ever launched – because you were frustrated by the technical end of things? Am I talking about YOU?

Listen, there’s something that you have to understand: it doesn’t really matter whether you’ve been dreaming about launching your own “Internet Empire” – or you’ve tried and pulled out because the techie side of things make you break out in cold sweats.

And most importantly, it doesn’t matter one iota if you’ve put up a site and you’re only crawling along, instead of making money hand-over-fist.

Because the simple fact of the matter is this: Instant Site Launcher can help you realize your wildest dreams – by helping you get your Internet business up and running in only minutes, helping you achieve the success you’ve only imagined.

Is that blunt enough for you? Well, I’m not here to sugarcoat things. The economy is at a tipping point that nobody believed they’d ever see. Jobs are being lost like leaves in a hurricane – and you might even be wondering, “Am I next?”

Whoa! Hang on there a minute. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Take CONTROL! Start by finding new ways to earn extra income in case of that “catastrophe” – and search for a new way of generating your own income so you’re not subject to the whim of helter-skelter job cuts.

You’ve thought about the Internet as your salvation. Everyone has. But if you look at “income opportunities” via Google, you’ll find that the response is simply overwhelming. How in the world can you know what is legit and what is nonsense?

One way to navigate this treacherous info-hype territory is by using EXPERIENCE: experience that I am offering to you now.

Who am I to claim “experience?” Well, I’m actually glad you asked. I’ve been helping other enjoy success online by using my products. And if they were involved in some way in an online business venture, I simply made it easier for them to enjoy success. Most importantly, I’ve been doing it for years.

Unfortunately, for those folks who aren’t technically savvy or are new to the Internet, there’s a “brick wall” out there just itching to introduce itself. And those people “meet it” head on – at about 100 miles per hour.

Once you have that product – and it better be a winner – you’re going to nee a few things to help it sell.

Oh, and before I forget, you’re going to need a great writer – unless of course you are one yourself. If not, prepare to shell out some major bucks.

The other part is called “Technical Stuff.” That’s when most folks throw up their hands and scream – “I quit!” Why? Because even though starting an online biz is easier than a storefront business, it still requires a ton of work on your part.

Let me ask – can you write HTML code? Understand web servers? Know how to build graphics that ooze eye candy? Can you integrate Flash files into Photoshop? Build Bezier curves in Illustrator? Am I speaking a foreign language to you right now?

Sorry. That’s the reality! If your eyes just glazed over, take comfort in knowing that at the very least you can write copy that could sell ice to Eskimos. What? You can’t?

Look, you’ve GOT to have a website. So you have two choices: create it, or hire a team who… Go to store

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