Optin Pressor – Optin App Alternatives. Facebook Optin App and Google Optin App. Powerful Optin Pressor WordPress Plugin

Optin Pressor - Optin App Alternatives. Facebook Optin App and Google Optin App. Powerful Optin Pressor WordPress Plugin

Start using the Optin Pressor to build an active list of verified subscribers now. Not only you can get more subscribers, but you will have a PREMIUM QUALITY LIST of active and verified subscribers who check their email every day. Let’s use "Facebook Connect" & "Google Connect" Opt-in Technology…

People trust Facebook and the name alone lends you credibility. You get their Official Facebook Email Address that they actually CHECK everyday!

Gmail can be considered more worth than another email. Optin Pressor allows you to use "Google Connect" Technology to get higher Gmail list!

NEW! Make a wall post on opt-in. It’s done automatically when they opt-in to receive your free gift! FB wall post include picture, URL, and description!

After people click "Allow" on, Optin Pressor will redirect them to your URL confirmation page which is setup in your autoresponder system

Just like other plugin. Optin Pressor has a very user friendly interface. This means you can install and begin using it in seconds as easy as 1, 2, 3

Just activate it, insert your Facebook ID and Google ID, then specify your "Autoresponder HTML Form". Finally grab your Optin Pressor Selection…

If people click "Don’t Allow" means to deny optin, you can redirect them to an exit page which is can be setup so easy in the Optin Pressor plugin.

Works super easy on WordPress Page or any HTML page since it is an iFrame plugin. This means you can begin using it at any page you like!

PS.Grab it NOW for only $49 and this is a very cheapest price offer! Yes, for this profitable time, you can still get Optin Pressor plugin with rave special price today because you are on special campaign of Optin Pressor New Revolution of Optin Software…

PPS.Be careful, you will not get another chance if you don’t act now. Honestly, the time is ticking, buy it now while the stock last…

Just purchased this. I already have at least a couple of other FB connect wp plugins, but the additional Google connect option and ability to be used in non-wp sites (plus the cheap price) sold me on giving this a try.

The video tutorials are clear and easy to follow. I’m planning on installing this on at least a couple of my sites.

Ahmad, I`ve been looking for a solid facebook connect plugin that would display a user defined image on the facebook post. Your plugin does this and much more. The fact that it integrates automatically with an autoresponder is a huge bonus.

It is very easy to use, although I was uncertain about the aweber code, but the straight cut and paste worked perfectly.

This plugin is one of the best plugin purchases I have made recently and I will be using it on many of my product websites.

I have just bought Optin Pressor and WOW is all I can say! I have been wanting to implement Facebook connect on my blog and have been searching for a nice way to do this!

So I came across Ahmad and the new Optin Pressor and it delivered not only the Facebook connect but the Google connect as well! For the price I feel like I ripped someone off Really though this WSO surp ed my expectations and to show my appreciation I have made a YouTube video demo showing you it in action on my personal blog with the Facebook connect!

I just would like a diff size image to be readily available, but other than this I say great job man! Later!

One of the best plugins -This one allows you to capture email addresses of your visitors by letting them to connect to your site using Facebook OR Google.

You can use Optin Pressor on ANY site just by copy/pasting some simple code, so it’s NOT limited to just your WordPress blog like some of the other plugins.

I will be implimenting this to my forms today and THANK YOU for a great deal on a GREAT Product that I will actually USE!

There are a number of products that allow you to do optins from Facebook, but I really like that this one also does Google.

We all work hard to get traffic, so it only makes sense to do everything reasonable to increase our optin percentage.

Thanks Ahmad for this nice addition to most of our pages. And so easy to implement, since we use a lot of WP based pages.

Nice thing to have Google opt-in included, since most of such software don’t have this. We were actually thinking about geting something like this developed by our own IT crew. Buying this saved us a lot of time.

We tested this only… Go to store

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