WP Lead Plus – Best Squeeze Page Creator Plugin For WordPress

WP Lead Plus - Best Squeeze Page Creator Plugin For WordPress

Build High Converting Capture Pages, Track Conversions, Generate More Leads Made Simple With WP Lead Plus

If you ever need a reall good wordpress squeeze page making plugin, I would highly recommend this to anyone!

It was my first one ever created and I am so excited that he created a plug in that someone like me (a beginner) can use. He made it so simple.

The squeeze pages of WP Lead Plus are specially designed for high conversion. These designs have been trusted by many people when creating squeeze pages.

Unblockable popups are unique tool to capture leads. You can create a popup to present your great offers to your visitors anywhere in your page with WP Lead Plus. Many people have seen increases in using WP Lead Plus’ popups and in many cases, the conversion rate was doubled!

WP Lead Plus not only create popups and squeeze pages but also let you create attracting widgets on the sidebar. The combination of squeeze pages, popups and widgets makes WP Lead Plus the ideal tool for building list and capture leads.

With WP Lead Plus, your squeeze pages, popups and widgets are truly responsive. That means no matter what devices your vistors use, they will see great pages.

No more hitting preview to see what your pages look like. With WP Lead Plus, you see your page as you edit it. This will make creating squeeze pages, popups, widgets much faster and easier.

With more tha 20 high quality templates, you can always choose the right template for your pages. In addition, we are making more cool templates so the number will increase.

Have you wonder how you can improve the conversion rate of a particular page? With WP Lead Plus built-in conversions tracking feature, you will get detailed report on pages’ performance.

WP Lead Plus supports all kind of autoresponders. No matter your autoresponder is, WP Lead Plus squeeze pages, popups, widgets will integreate smoothly. You can even use free, self-hosted autoresponder solutions like cforms or listwire.

Beautiful squeeze pages increase conversion rates! With great collection of background images, you can easily make your squeeze pages, popups look fantastic. Other than the images in WP Lead Plus’ collection, you can upload and use your own background images.

You want to display a radom popup to test which one gives the best conversion rate? WP Lead Plus made it so easy within few clicks.

Imagine how your conversion rate will be SKYROCKETED when your visitors are AMAZED by this new, unique feature

Try lite version Instant download It’s free! Get FULL access now ONE TIME payment With 60 days money back guarantee!

Reviews, feedback, testimonials from REAL users who gave the feedback voluntarily. The feedback are from both free and premium users. The screenshots are taken from my Gmail Inbox and WordPress.org

Try lite version Instant download It’s free! Get FULL access now ONE TIME payment With 60 days money back guarantee!

You can install the plugin on all sites you own. The plugin is for personal use only. With that said, if you have a client who wants to use WP Lead Plus, she/he will have to buy a license for her/his sites.

Yes! WP Lead Plus is tested on a wide range of WordPress’ versions and it works with all of them, including the newest versions.

Definitely! We will provide LIFE TIME istance. Your problem will be solved by a real technician who truly understand WP Lead Plus and WordPress.

Sure! Many people have successfully created squeeze pages, popups, widgets in Spanish, Portuguese, Chineses, German, Greek, Polish… with WP Lead Plus. Since WP Lead Plus supports UTF-8 encoding, you can create your lead capture pages in any languages.

No. WP Lead Plus is a tool to create squeeze pages, popups, widgets. If you want to collect information of your visitors, you need to use an autoresponder service. There are many good paid and free autoresponder service out there you can choose from. Go to store

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