Magic Article Rewriter

Magic Article Rewriter

However, one of the easiest, proven, most time-tested ways to attract new business and more traffic to your site is to become a sought after authority and gain expert status in your field.

One of the biggest secrets that the top marketers don’t talk a lot about is the fact that they ALL have built their credibility, visibility, and their lists of gold by writing articles.

"This is a tried-and-true method that will NEVER stop working, unlike the latest and greatest gimmicks to s the search engines. (Try one of those and see how quickly your traffic halts once the bottom drops out.) Search engines love real content and will always love real content."

As thousands of Internet Marketers already know, backlinks from articles offer the surest route to high rankings in Google, tons of free traffic and lots of targeted customers.

"I wanted to create more pive income, I decided to give article marketing a REAL try. I decided to submit one article to 25 top-rated directories for 30 days straight. Only a week into it, my Google Adsense income has quintupled (increased 5 times) and my subscriber rate has increased three fold. And this is after ONE WEEK."

Writing effective articles and submitting them to popular article directories is the first step. But you also need to know the “Dark Side”:

You take another 3 – 4 hours to submit it to 100′s of article directories or blogs. Each site gives you a rank-boosting backlink.

Some unscrupulous marketers deliberately duplicate content across domains in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings or win more traffic. Deceptive practices like this can result in a poor user experience, when a visitor sees substantially the same content repeated within a set of search results.

The ranking of the site may suffer, or the site might be removed entirely from the Google index, in which case it will no longer appear in search results.

Most people rewrite their articles by hand. Selecting sentence after sentence and reworking the content. As you can imagine it takes them hours and hours.

But you aren’t like most people, are you? You know deep down in your heart that there has to be a better way. I knew it, too. I used software that was supposed to ‘spin’ my articles.

I knew I could do it better. After many long hours locked in my office, I finally figured it out. How to rewrite text easily and quickly, that looked and read like it was professionally done.

With Magic Article Rewriter, you can save hours of tedious drudgery rewriting articles for posting to article directories. And best of all? It is so easy to use!

I understand why I bought the program. I hope it sells well for you, I know it will save a lot of time for me. :)

With Magic Article Rewriter, you can rewrite your articles quickly and easily and make literally thousands of unique, well-written articles in minutes.

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There are over 30,000 words and their synonyms in Magic Article Rewriter. Plus you can easily extend them as much as you wish, and then reuse them in all your other articles.

It’s wonderful that you can change individual words but the real power of Magic Article Rewriter comes from being able to exchange entire sentences.

And it gets even more powerful! Imagine spinning different words within each different spun sentence…

You can either make one new version (Spin) of your article or you can "M Rewrite Articles" and save hundreds of new article files on your hard drive.

I spin articles for use in multiple programs – Traffic Kahuna, Free Traffic System, Article Drip Robot, SENuke – and many, many smaller programs. This is incredibly time consuming to do by hand with curly brackets, and it’s also extremely difficult to find outsourcers who can do it skillfully for a decent price. However, Magic Article Rewriter is the solution for this problem. It’s cut my spinning time by two thirds – which, in essence, means I’m outputting three times the content and getting three times the backlinks in the same amount of time. Not only that, but it’s SO affordable at only $47! If you are a content marketer, you NEED Magic Article Rewriter Melanie

To just spin words and sentences is great, but I wanted to add to Magic Article Rewriter’s effectiveness and speed. I wanted to make rewriting articles so fast your head will spin as your articles spun…

Then when you want… Go to store

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