Home CB — Cold Email Hero

Home CB — Cold Email Hero

I created this training because it’s changed my life…and I felt like I needed to share it with other people.

Heck, I’m writing this from my apartment a few blocks from the beach in San Diego where I live.

I moved here after the last company I was with sold to a public company which allowed me to travel South America for a year.

In fact, I felt very different until I finally figured a few things out that I’m going to tell you all about below this paragraph…

Another day, another 50 times plugging in a cold email template I found on google I was told would work because I d cold calling…

I started with high hopes, but at this point I would have been ecstatic if I could get 2 or 3 people out of 50 to even respond.

And don’t even get me started on convincing the people that responded to actually hop on the phone with me.

I thought I’d finally be liberated from having to incessantly hound prospects with my brand new “guru” template!

This is reality for most freelancers, business owners, and sales professionals that are required to drum up their own business.

They hear that cold calling is dead and that now getting meetings with prospects is best done through cold emailing.

But what they didn’t know is that mechanically plugging in a cold email template that still yields low response rates and meetings that rarely stick isn’t really an upgrade.

Don’t worry there is a happy ending to this story…and I promise it has nothing to do with a new phenomenon called cold texting : )

My team had done over 400 deals with companies like Google and Yelp to build out the largest local publisher network on the internet…

Our colleagues respected us and we carried ourselves with unshakeable confidence because we had become the best at what we did.

….It was a bit of a different picture than when we were sc the bottom of the barrel to get meetings with anyone that would talk to us.

How do you go from struggling to get meetings to one of the startup biggest acquisitions in New York?

In fact, we found you could not only get more meetings, but also meetings with prospects that were EXCITED TO TALK TO YOU…if you did it right.

We just started trying things that no one else was doing and then iterating until our desired results became automatic.

Because 99% of people use the same hackneyed approaches, becoming a signal to noise wasn’t that hard.

I originally thought that we might have stumbled into a lucky sweet spot and the things we were trying just happened to resonate perfectly with our target audience.

We started attacking other industries with new offerings and like clock work, the cold email frameworks we had devised were working…again.

Using my favorite cold email formula, we signed up over 60 of the biggest food service brands for a pilot in just 3 months.

It didn’t take long for my friends at other companies to start asking what the heck we were doing.

I gleefully welcomed them to the insider’s club of people who were relishing in the unlimited power of cold emailing that most people usually only hear about…

Hey Scott – I used some of your tips to send a cold email to the CEO of a company we were interested in working with. I got a meeting set up and it went great. We’re close to working out a deal and they introduced my boss to an investor. Your tips were invaluable

Thought you be interested. I used your “find anyone’s email” trick along with your cold-email tips to reach out to a billionaire public company CEO…he responded within 5 minutes…

Today I want to invite you to take advantage of the cold emailing blueprint to land more clients, customers, and partners that I gave all my closest friends and colleagues…

I called it Cold Emailing Hero because you get to look over the shoulder of someone whose spent 1000’s of hours perfecting this, but can get the same results in a fraction of the time…

AND you don’t have to endure the pain of obtrusive activities like interrupting people’s day with cold calls or low value networking events to grow your business.

I would have done anything for this when I was starting out because I now realize how powerful it is to be just an email away from unlocking every opportunity you could ever want…

There’s a whole lot more, but I know you’re all about fast results and efficiency so I’ll stop… Go to store

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