Design Profits Unleashed

Design Profits Unleashed

No money? No product? No problem! "Start Up For Nothing On & eBay With Your Own Unique Cash Spinning Products."

Dear Cash-Strapped Entrepreneur, Are you missing out on your share of and eBay profits? Maybe it’s because you’ve been told the future was downloadable – and you didn’t want to miss out. is hot right now! eBay is still the world’s biggest ecommerce site. It’s easy to make a killing on these sites – if you know exactly what to sell.

What about products that people want to own and treasure? That they’ll buy for their friends and family as well as themselves? You can’t get that from some file sitting on your computer. You only get real enjoyment from owning physical products.

What products am I talking about? I will show you the fast and easy way to create your own pop art designs that you can then sell as high value canvas prints.

"I’m not a trained artist! How can I do this?" You will be working from pre existent photographs. Most of the work has already been done for you! In Design Profits Unleashed you’ll learn to use graphic programs the smart way and create pictures that you can call your own.

"Sounds great Pete! But can I really start my design business with nothing?" Nothing means exactly that – nothing! This information is not widely available on the internet or anywhere else. You can only get my no cost start up system in Design Profits Unleashed.

If you prefer – and if you have a few hundred dollars spare – you’ll find out how to do it all yourself. It’s hard to beat creating, printing and packing your own works of art and sending them out to your appreciative customers.

Why should you listen to me? I’ve sold over 2,000 canvas prints on and eBay. Maybe like you, I have no qualifications for graphic or computer aided design whatsoever.

I’ll show you how to quickly produce a portfolio of popular designs that will bring in cash over and over again. Here are just a few of the comments from my buyers:

And that design will be your own. Nobody else’s. You can’t do that with just Photoshop, Paint, Gimp or anything else. You start with someone else’s photos and transform them fast into your own vector shape based pictures. Look closely at the above designs and you can see the difference.

The magic happens with a special feature that only Illustrator has. Imagine having that kind of profit pulling potential at your fingertips. Can you see how powerful this is?

It’s Illustrator’s best kept secret. I have worked alongside qualified designers who didn’t know about this feature. This is the money secret too. You won’t find this by Googling it – but you’ll get it in Design Profits Unleashed. Once you learn how to make Photoshop and Illustrator do the hard work for you, designing high quality ready for sale pictures is child’s play.

Who said eBay was dead? Not this guy! Meet an eBay Top Rated Seller who offers mixed media paintings on eBay’s US site.

When I first saw his pictures I wanted to figure out how Stas designed and sold dozens of quality paintings per week. So I ordered a design from him.

The quality of Stas’s picture didn’t disappoint. But now I could see how he could turn out so many pictures per week – and charge so much for them. I reverse engineered the entire process. Now I’m p ing it on to you in Design Profits Unleashed. Because I’ve learnt…

How YOU can add 500% or more to the selling price of your pictures! The simple techniques I’ll give you and an easy to use software program will transform your print into a mixed media painting. No previous training is necessary That means that you can sell an 16 x 24" canvas picture for $150 or more!

Make sure your design is a winner – every time. Follow my simple research system and ensure that each design you create makes money. And why reinvent the wheel when you can easily piggyback on OTHER designers’ success. Design Profits Unleashed shows you how.

How to save a fortune on a wide format printer When I uncovered this amazing strategy I put an entire guide together. With this knowledge I’ve made even more money from printers than I have on pictures! All the information on how to get the best possible deal on your wide format printer is included.

And the most expensive printers are NOT the best! I’ll find the right printer for you. This information is NOT widely available on the internet. I made mistakes buying printers – so you don’t have to. The entire strategy is covered in my best selling Auction Arbitrage Secret. You’ll… Go to store

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