CPA Convert – The Best CPA Gateway

CPA Convert - The Best CPA Gateway

An Internet Marketers’ Wet Dream: CPA Profits on Complete Autopilot. Yes! It’s Finally Possible!

Imagine… Imagine a Magical System That Takes Your Visitors and CONVERTS THEM to CPA Profits on Complete Autopilot…

You’d like one of these, wouldn’t you? Well Quit Dreaming – this System is now Reality!

Imran Naseem, via public forum post

You know how it works: you set up a site, put on AdWords ads and CPA offers, and start driving traffic in. You sit back waiting for the riches to come – but things don’t quite work that way. Conversions are low, income is low, and your dreams of retirement are put on hold.

Fact is, there are a million ways to get traffic to your site – but if conversions are low, what’s the point?

Correct, and this is why CPA marketing is all the buzz lately – but this is far from enough. It’s pretty hard targeting your traffic to these CPA forms, and yet harder to get untargeted visitors to fill in these forms. Targeted traffic is low, conversions are even lower, and the fact remains that most CPA marketers cannot earn their living on the net, let alone grow rich.

But what if there was a way to get "regular" visitors to fill-in your CPA offers? What if there was a way to set up a site, drive in ANY traffic, and then watch it m ively convert on TRUE autopilot?

We thought long and hard; We read marketing books; We read psychology books; We talked to experts and again and again we wound up with a simple truth: If only there was a way to make this a Win-Win situation so that your untargeted traffic would want to fill in the forms – your conversions would skyrocket!

CPA Convert was built with firm belief that the best way to do business is when both sides win. But how do you get this Win-Win, when your visitors are not targeted to the CPA offer?

The answer was clear: If it’s not the CPA offer they want, give them something else for filling-in the offer form. Give them Content, but preferably without forcing you to create content.

Your visitors’ WIN is also clear: They get free access to valuable content, for just filling in a short CPA form.

But how does it work? And where do you get such content? In a nutshell: Very easily, and surprisingly – you don’t really need any content.

Surely I have to say this is awesome. Previously I was using CPALead gateway only. After getting this script I was using various networks with various websites. The percentage of income generated using this method increased up to 300%.

Really Awesome and Excellent Script!

The possibilities are endless, and CPA Convert provides an entire book with ideas, tips and tricks on how to monetize.

A truly unique feature of CPA Convert is that it enables you to pay only $0.01-$0.05 CPC for FIRST PAGE placement on Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing, yet gain conversions on highly compe ive, high paying and normally very expensive fields.

If this sounds too good to be true – once you read this technique you’ll just smack your forehead. The technique is extremely simple, yet highly effective, and the reason you haven’t heard of it is that it’s possible only by using CPA Convert!

The Monetization Bible eBook tells it all, along with detailed examples of successfully implementing this technique. Read it once, and you’ll immediately rush to start using this unique technique on all your campaigns.

The bottom line is, that with $0.01-0.05 first-page PPC traffic, it’s just like the first days of the net all over again: expenses are low, payments are high and making money is easy again.

Not At ALL! CPA Convert is safe to use on any network. Here’s what MaxBounty, one of the leading CPA Networks, had to say about us:

One example isn’t enough for you? Here’s what, another leading Network, had to say about us:

While MaxBounty and XY7 are two of our favorite CPA Networks, this approach is universal: No matter which network you use, the guidelines are very similar and CPA Convert can be easily used on an extraordinarily large variety of CPA offers.

And what if I want to promote non-incentivized offers? CPA Convert can make easy money on incentivized offers, but if you want to make even easier money promoting non-incentivized offers, this too is possible.

And if you value your privacy – CPA Convert includes a unique referrer hiding feature designed to cover your tracks and never let the CPA networks know where your leads came from. It’s bulletproof, and is built to deal with all situations without a single leak.

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