Commission Warrior – Automatic 6-Figure income

Commission Warrior - Automatic 6-Figure income

I’m about to show you EXACTLY… how I made $708,541.29 last year on ClickBank – and that’s with ZERO traffic generation – breaking all the so-called guru’s “rules” and without having to invest anything.

In just a few hours, you can set up your own system to drive thousands of visitors to your site with:

Plus, you can quit your job and put in as little as an hour a day managing your internet marketing business from your own home and still pull a six-figure annual salary. What’s more (and perhaps shocking to you) is that I’m NOT the only one doing it. How is this possible? Because this is a real, tried and tested method and NOT yet another “push on software scheme” or so-called “traffic loophole” that ‘some guy’ just discovered under a rock.

Remember: The income and the examples you see below are all real and they all work, take as little as two hours to set up (these tiny sites that, once built, make you money on autopilot for months and even years to come) and it’s all done without doing any bersome “traffic generation” whatsoever.

Now, that’s pretty impressive, right? It’s even more impressive considering it’s without any laborious traffic generation or “on-going work”. I know it is. But what I am most proud of is I did it all on my own while I was still just a kid! And that this now infamous affiliate system, is 100% mine. Because I’m pleased to say I made over half a million dollars from Commission Warrior last year without any of the “guru” systems, techniques, or so-called “software” whatsoever!

It was a horrible job but I desperately needed the money. I sat in a cramped cubicle with no ventilation to speak of making hundreds of cold calls each day trying to sell stuff that even I didn’t believe in myself! I dreaded every second I was there and I didn’t like where my life was headed…

Now, I’ll spare you the details, if you’ve been around long enough you probably already know my story anyway. But in short, my life was downright miserable. I was working long, exhausting weeks, for less than $10 an hour – and sometimes I didn’t even get paid if I didn’t hit the minimum sales. I was getting up at 8am every morning, dragging myself to work and all for what? Just to be yelled at by the “boss” and some people on the phone. And the worse part… I spent my nights working on my so-called ‘internet marketing empire’ which was – to be honest – going absolutely nowhere.

And overall, it ed. But it gets worse. Because my “internet empire” wasn’t going too well either. In fact:

Looking back, it seemed like I tried it all, from losing a week’s pay on Google AdWords and pay per click to writing article after article after article.

I tried everything. But after months of trying to “make it” and still not even making a penny I started to get pretty hopeless and frustrated, probably just like how you’re feeling right now. I’ll admit it: I was pissed off, and sick and tired of the rubbish systems out there which quite frankly, flat out didn’t work. Or they just required way too much work (Yahoo Answers, anyone?) or ridiculous investment like Pay Per Click. Yes… I’m talking about those useless so-called push on software and loopholes. And I was going to do something about it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It didn’t happen immediately. But after months of tweaking, testing and trying combinations of just about everything a miracle happened. And I made my first sale. It wasn’t a lot – literally 50 cents – but it made a believer out of me. It turned out to be a sour victory, though, because there was still one problem: If I wanted to make more money, I had to go out and “get more traffic”. This was not what I wanted to do. After all, I wasn’t looking for another job. I wanted to keep making money without me spending time at the computer working for it, right? The reason why is because with all the usual methods, you’d always have to keep looking if you wanted to get more traffic. Whether it was article writing, PPC, PPV, or w ver, it was on-going work. So…

And instead, built a tiny website in such a way that it attracted free traffic straight from the best traffic source in the world: Google. It was radical, sure. But with the right research and creation method I believed I… Go to store

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