Affiliate Organizer – affiliate information internet manager software

Affiliate Organizer - affiliate information internet manager software

I’m fairly about keeping my business, and almost all aspects of my life, well-organized.

I use the term ‘life’ because life is comprised of, and measured by, time. Nothing is more precious than time and making each of your moments count. Spending time on trivial matters like looking for keys when you could be having fun with friends and family, helping others through your business, saving the planet, or even taking a nap – is a waste of time. Likewise, looking for a merchant’s affiliate interface login and p word when you want to install one of their links on your site, is a waste of time. Scrap that… it’s a waste of time to have to look for the link itself. All the details relating to your affiliate marketing business need to be at right at your fingertips. Staying organized sure beats the heck out of wasting five minutes trying to find the email with that merchant’s affiliate program login information just so you can find your affiliate links. Thanks to your help! The software was extremely easy to install and an icon appears in the bottom right-hand corner (the system tray) of your desktop making it really simple to access. ‘Affiliate Organizer’ allows you to store all your most important information from your day-to-day business. Everything is simple to use. Just fill in the blanks and save.. it couldn’t be much easier.. so a real thumbs up regarding how user friendly it is. The tasks/alerts and advertising section I find is a real life saver. I can setup any upcoming events in the tasks/alerts section and it will notify me both by email and on-screen. How cool is that?! Everything can also be backed up and restored at the click of a on! So, no more lost data, which is a major relief for me… and anyone else who’s ever lost data before. :=) Overall I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of detail that has been covered. Jon you have covered all the bases with ‘Affiliate Organizer’. I can’t think of a thing that needs to be added or changed. Whether you do affiliate marketing or just want to keep track of the important aspects of your online business… I HIGHLY recommend you check out ‘Affiliate Organizer’. Cheers, Rosalind Gardner Webvista Incorporated "The Super Affiliate Handbook"

et’s face it, keeping track of every thing to do with your online business is tough! There’s no doubt, it’s probably the most difficult task that any marketer faces as his business grows. Too often its overwhelming, tedious and even if you think you have a memory that’s razor sharp and

good organizational skills.. there are always things that slip through the cracks and are hard to manage.

Of course, some people will tell you that you can do fine without having every detail of your business easily accessible and backed up. WRONG! Just take a look at the way they run their business and judge for yourself. The 1 computer they never backup and the messy filing cabinets are an instant giveaway.

However, the big problem is most of the information, events, projects, ideas and fine details we have to keep track of in our day to day business amounts to a ton of numbers, dates, urls, p words that even the savviest marketer has a job remembering and easily accessing. Also as the internet changes much of our information changes with it. You see.. I have lots of websites registered by different registrars, hosted on different servers, with various usernames, p words, ftp addresses, dns settings, support numbers and email addresses.

Not to mention all the advertising campaigns I am running, keyword lists I have spent countless hours creating, software I have purchased, unlock codes, private forums, membership sites and outsourced work that’s in progress.

To make matters worse…on top of that you have contact information, tele seminars you dont want miss, deadlines, blogs, affiliate links, articles, merchants and payout rates.. You practically have to be a friggin whiz at memorizing and organizing.. or your screwed.

The results of having information tered here and there, no easy access to it or the in-ability to be reminded of upcoming events, deadlines and things you need to work on..results in a business that runs You and is not likely to last!

James & Arlene Martell Vancouver, BC

Gary, works full time online as an Internet Marketer and has achieved a great deal of success from his online business. He is the publisher of Marketing Blitz Journal a Newsletter dedicated to helping people succeed at internet Marketing.

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