And if you are looking for a straight forward, no hype, step by step course that will show you EXACTLY how you can make REAL money online then you’re in the right place.

There are a hell of a lot of BS products and courses out there with many of them costing thousands of dollars that do nothing more than take your money and leave you broke.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that YES I really do make a killing on the internet and YES I really do know what I’m talking about.

In fact I’ve been building up these profitable niche sites for years now and most of them bring me in anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month up to a few thousand dollars a month and with the amount of them that I now have I’m able to put up a big middle finger to “the man” and live my life on my own terms and without being chained to a desk.

I can honestly say that this is the best video course that I have ever seen. It is so great that I’ll be buying it for my mom and sister both whom just check Facebook online and have no idea about how to make money online.

The only reason why you wouldn’t buy this course is if you didn’t want to make money online. It’s that simple.”

There’s no jargon or over enthusiastic imbecile telling you you’re gonna be rich before sundown, you just watch as Jay leads by example in the videos using case studies to illustrate the process at a leisurely pace. The entire course is broken down into stages that baby-step the viewer through everything required of them as Jay instructs us through a voiceover. The thing I really loved about Screw95 was it’s efficiency. It just tells you what to, then shows you how to do it. There’s no extensive banter about the process and it never feels like you’re waiting to get to the relevant bit or worse, information overload. I powered through the course and completed it in just over a day and am already confidently implementing it’s teachings.”

Basically the Screw95 course is for anyone that’s serious about wanting to make an income online and who doesn’t mind putting in some effort to get there.

With Screw95 you will have access to TONNES of support from both myself and other Screw95 members and if you’ve ever got a questions or get stuck on something you can just head on over to the private Screw95 forums to get quick and easy answers. In fact I even give every Screw95 member my personal email address so that they can hit me up at any time with any questions that they have and I reply to EVERY member email that I get. Go to store

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