Affiliate Promo Formula

Affiliate Promo Formula

From: John Thornhill – Full Time Internet Marketer Subject: Achieving Super Affiliate Status

…using a proven formula perfected over 5 years which generates pay days of up to $89,742.40 of pure profit… would you take notice?

Well keep reading because I’m about to reveal how I went from working a grueling 50+ hours per week at my local car plant here in the North of England…

…to becoming a full time Internet Marketer earning up to $200,000 per month and working less than 20 hours per week!

It’s possible you may have seen my name at the top of a JV leaderboard before. In the example below I dominated the JV compe ion and outsold the number 2, 3 and 4 affiliates combined.

Look, it’s important to point out that when you become a successful affiliate you really do have a LOT of time on your hands…

Because as an affiliate you don’t have to worry about time consuming tasks like providing support, dealing with awkward customers, processing refunds, creating a product…

Being a successful affiliate gives me plenty of spare time to do the things I enjoy most such as spending weekends in the country in my holiday home, all paid for with my affiliate commissions.

A typical affiliate campaign can take me less than an hour to put together, of course sometimes I may have to put a few more hours in and work as many as 5-10 hours on a campaign – but most of the time it’s less than an hour and I can usually generate a bumper payday of $10,000, $25,000… and occasionally over $90,000.

If there was one person I was going to learn from when it comes to successfully promoting products for a launch it would be John Thornhill, he has got a killer formula which works when he is promoting my products and I have seen him dominate other launch contests time and time again. Like I said if you are looking to try and figure out how to try and promote products successfully and make a lot of money doing that then John Thornhill is certainly someone I would recommend you learn from because he has done an awesome job for me and many of my peers as well, he’s a great guy and his course is going to be fantastic as well. He really is the real deal when it comes to this particular subject. So I would strongly endorse Affiliate Promo Formula just on the basis of what he has done promoting my products and what he has done for other peoples products as well. I know that if you get this course you will be able to mirror his success as well because he really is a fantastic teacher too. Go and buy John’s course, I really do fully endorse it and I hope you have the same kind of success that he has had.

As our top performing affiliate John Thornhill has sold 567 memberships to date (since launch). That’s more memberships than ANY of our other affiliates.

I wanted to let anybody who is interested in your new Affiliate Promo Formula know that it REALLY WORKS! I am living proof! I was lucky enough to get access to your Affiliate Promo Formula long before anybody else for testing, and boy am I pleased I did! In the short time I have had access to your formula, I have generated well over $50,000 in REAL affiliate sales, by simply following your formula to the letter! Here is just one screenshot that proves exactly that.

That screenshot was only around 5-7 days worth of commissions, this promotion went on to earn me well over $20,000 alone.

Thanks for introducing me to your Affiliate Promo Formula John, I look forward to the next time I need to use it!

I’ve taken a sneak peek behind the curtain into John’s tactics and I can say with confidence that if you follow his affiliate system – you will make SERIOUS amounts of money. He makes it easy to follow, simple to copy and his track record in being the #1 affiliate for countless product launches speaks for itself. IF John ever offers to reveal to you his affiliate marketing secrets – seize the opportunity, no matter what it takes – your bank account will thank you!

Here’s a screen shot of my earnings in just 3 days following your system (and I didn’t even follow the entire formula!)

That screenshot was only around 5-7 days worth of commissions, this promotion went on to earn me well over $20,000 alone.

Now, here’s what happened when YOU demonstrated your formula (in a period of just 4 days) with a promotion during the launch of my List Marketing… Go to store

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