The Upsell Equation System

The Upsell Equation System

G’day! My name’s CJ Parker from Australia and I want to share with you a weird little "mind trick" I recently stumbled upon. A trick that can turn almost every single one of your buyers into premium, high dollar value customers. Now it’s probably going to seem a little weird (and considering how unique and ‘left-field’ it is, it might even be a little shocking) but stick with me.

FACT: There’s no quicker or more effective method for increasing your customer value, increasing your revenue, and drastically increasing your online profits than by UPSELLING.

Definition: up·sell verb ‘up’sel : to try to persuade a customer to buy a more expensive item before check out

Upselling can be incredibly powerful & extremely effective. Forget about following up with your prospect… get your customer paying you more $$ while they’re still in the "heat of the buyingmoment".

But no surprises there, right? I’m sure you already know how much potential upselling has for your online profits.

The problem is: Regular upselling techniques – no matter whether it’s Offline Marketing or Online Marketing – are getting tired, unresponsive, and in many cases just plain manipulative (and even unethical).

Unfortunately, the most common upsell techniques available to us today are not only converting poorly, but they’re also doing more to insult our prospect’s intelligence than close a sale…

- Those endless loops of One Time Offer pages – Forced continuity – Fake webpage scripts that try and "scare" people into hitting the order on (but only end up making you look like a douchebag) – or even withholding the full product until you upgrade to a 10x more expensive option…!

Maybe they used to work but these days they’re just cheap ploys and deceptive shenanigans… It’s not real marketing; it’s simply trying to fool your customers into giving you more money.

But if you’ve resorted to using these ploys, or at least considered using them, I’m not trying to make you feel bad here…

It’s not your fault – it’s just the way we’ve been taught to market all along

Have you ever felt frustrated that even though you’ve got a valuable, high quality info product to sell, nobody seems willing to pay extra for it?

…have you ever wondered how the big time marketers seem to be able to create their "high-end" upgrade offers so easily?

…do you want to break through the info product selling barrier and move into the IM "Upper Cl ", but worry you’re running out of time?

You see, I had a dream of becoming a successful internet marketer and info product seller. But to say my first attempt(s) was a failure is a BIG understatement…

I started by trying to sell a single, $20 eBook. I sold a few copies but didn’t even break even. The huge profits the big boys had gotten me dreaming about seemed impossible.

I knew I had a good product, but I couldn’t even get people clicking the order on for my basic offer. The whole idea of selling my prospects even more expensive product offers seemed a world away.

I read every forum, blog post about copywriting, conversion… desperately trying to find something that could help. And pretty soon I realised something that totally freaked me out: That even the most serious, big-time marketers don’t earn a cent of profit on their basic offers.

So I bought every eBook, software and program that promised me upselling success. I tried EVERY gimmick to try and convince my prospects to buy more expensive stuff from me before they left. But none of it helped (and in fact a lot of it sent me backwards…). So pretty soon my online selling career was looking like a fish with a PlayStation: Bloody useless!

And I knew all too well the fact that this "upselling" game was where the gurus were getting their big pay checks from.

And I wasn’t far off giving up on my dream of being an info product seller completely, when I stumbled upon something extraordinary from an extremely unlikely source.

A friend had lent me a business book months earlier and I finally got around to reading it (remember those things? An actual book… with real world expert ideas & knowledge)

It was from this university professor and it was all about how our minds work when we’re buying stuff. It couldn’t have been further away from the world of Internet Marketing I’d had my head stuck in for months… yet it was incredible.

Here was a guy who had NO interest in online marketing, sales pages or conversion tricks… yet was preaching stuff that made him sound like a GOD in comparison to the ‘gurus’ we often look up to for inspiration.

And while the whole book was pure gold, one section about choosing between different offers… Go to store

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