Instant Site Uploader! – NO HTML, NO Research, NO FTP Needed!

Instant Site Uploader! - NO HTML, NO Research, NO FTP Needed!

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In just a few minutes, I’ll show you how easy it can be to build your own empire of sites that pour money into your accounts even while you’re off having fun.

Sound like a pipe dream? Not hardly. You’ll believe me in just a few minutes when you devour this entire page. Get ready for an earthquake…

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the idea of making money on the Internet, or if you’ve tried and failed before because you felt like you were drowning in information and technical jargon, or even if you’re going ok online but feel like you could be experiencing much greater growth and profits. W ver your background, Instant Site Uploader can help you get your Internet business started fast’literally in minutes, and help it move from strength to strength with ease. As a little background…

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the world economy isn’t doing so well right now. Most people feel like they’re hanging onto their jobs by a tiny thread that could get cut at any time. And that means lots of people are trying to figure out how to make extra money, or maybe find a more secure source of income. If you do a little searching with Google and you’ll find just about every Internet money making scheme you can imagine. It’s insane. But here’s where my experience can help you get past all the hype and junk you’ll find out there. You see, I have been creating products for people trying to get their start online, or trying to making running an online business easier, for a few years now. Those people almost always hit a brick wall very early in the process, especially if they’re relatively new to the Internet, or aren’t some kind of Silicon Valley techno-geek.

First, you have to have something to sell, and that usually means a digital product of some kind. Now, are you an expert writer? Can you make killer videos that look and sound professional? Can you create all kinds of cool looking graphics that make your products stand out from the crowd? If not, prepare to be extremely frustrated, because you’re going to have to end up with most or all of that to have a winning product. A lot of people can get past that, though, uming they’re willing to spend thousands of dollars to hire product creators to make them a winner. But the second part of the brick wall is the one that really kills most people’s Internet dreams. There’s just a lot of stuff to do to set up an Internet business. Selling things online has some definite advantages over selling things in a physical store, but it’s not work-free. You’ll have to create a website to sell your product, for example. Do you know HTML? Can you find your way around a web server, uming you even know what one of those is? Can you build graphics into your pages to make them look great? Oh, and can you create those graphics for yourself? And here’s a big one…can you write the sales copy and other types of copy (like emails) that you’ll need to sell your product like there’s no tomorrow? If you can’t do that, you’ll quickly be pulling your hair out as you’re buried in all of the technical jargon and just plain technical know-how you have to have to get your site set up. It’s a mess, and there’s no getting around it. You absolutely must have a site, and that means you’ll either have to create it yourself or hire people to create what you need. That’s where things can really start adding up. Think about the costs of what I’m talking about.

Creating a product can cost literally thousands of dollars, like I’ve already said. Take something as simple as an ebook, for example. Unless you can create it yourself, you’ll have to hire somebody to write it. Have you hired a ghostwriter lately? Prepare to spend well over two thousand dollars for an ebook with enough good content to sell well. And you’ll need somebody to create nice graphics for your book. That means things like ecovers to include on your sales page. Those graphics have to look great and integrate well with the rest of your site. You’ll be shelling out at least another few hundred dollars for those. And we’re not even to your website yet!

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