The Adsense Millionaire -

The Adsense Millionaire -

I actually have a confession, I was pretty reluctant to put this up. You see even though I’ve made over $1,000,000 with Adsense ads, I actually don’t consider myself an expert.

It’s almost so simple it could almost be written on one page, (it’s not though, I actually give lots of detail) but it works and I guess that’s all that matters.

The other day though, I was browsing through a forum and started noticing LOTS of threads like “where do I start?” or “I get traffic but no one clicks on my ads” or “Is X a good niche to get into?”

I gotta tell you I am thanking the good lord and the universe for getting me to click through and watch your stuff…usually hard to consume content with the info overload we all have to overcome.

The traffic part is simple (In fact I’ll show you how to easily tap into keywords that get MILLIONS OF SEARCHES PER MONTH for 5 to 10 cents and no it’s not Google content network, Facebook, Plenty of Fish or PPV)

My favorite ogy: it’s like a huge river and you just go down to it, with a big spoon, and dip some out for yourself.

The problem is turning some traffic you get into REAL MONEY. Not $5 a month… but “car payment money, rent and bill money, MAN… I really like that new BMW”…that kind of money.

You know… where a HAWAII VACATION, instead of some bargain hotel by the airport (miles away from the beach), you stay at the “Four Seasons”…and not even think about what it cost you.

My 2 year old, who walks around with a finger skateboard could do this (not really but you get the point)

I was really desperate and came up with the idea, “well I’ll just send some paid traffic to my pages with ads on them”

After about 2 months of diddling around going after keywords like “burberry handbags” and “prado shoes” I one day totally by accident put a keyword “I wasn’t supposed to” into my list of words I was bidding on.

The one thing I will give myself credit for – once I saw the light I stuffed my foot to the floor and held on.

Because I was getting so much traffic, it was easy to tweak here and there and see the results almost instantly.

I’ve only met one other person who’s gotten click throughs like that and he was my close friend who shared an office with me.

I’ll admit, some of this money was made “way back in the day” when Google was open to just about anything you wanted to try.

In fact there were a couple years that I didn’t do anything with this method. Fast forward….

Your videos are well thought out, clear and easy to understand.. Your method is so simple to follow that it is unbelivable!

EVERYTHING I need to get my sites up and running. One of the easiest way to make money online! Thanks again….”

Knowing “Google can be Google”, I didn’t totally trust this but it did get me thinking about it again.

I was a little nervous as I figured “everyone” was going to see this and jump all over it. I’m totally surprised, but almost no one has.

I happen to like Adsense as the person simply clicks an ad and you make money (at 75% Click Through Rates it’s not that hard to make money either).

This even contains the same templates Paul uses and no to mention the value of the free bonus (more tips and tricks!)….. If you’re starting with Adsense or if you would like to improve your current Adsense work, you should get this!…”

I tell you EXACTLY what to do. No theory…just do X then Y then Z…because it works. (and no I don’t suggest placing pictures next to your ads…it’s against the terms of Adsense).

It took about 6 weeks…but they gave me the thumbs up…from a never ending feeling of terror to almost overwhelming relief in one happy email (I wouldn’t wish that on anyone though, it was really, really scary)!

I have a lot of confidence in my system. I was in the doghouse once and have no interest going there again.

2.Small things you can do to your pages to enhance clicks on your ads dramatically (100% white hat).

4.How to guide your visitors so that when they do see your ads, they practically can’t help but click on them. (Again, no funny business. Just a simple but POWERFUL method… Go to store

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