101tipsmakingmoneyonline.com – Discover The Internet Marketing Secrets To Making Money Online

101tipsmakingmoneyonline.com - Discover The Internet Marketing Secrets To Making Money Online

I know I was until I learned my secret technique that I stumbled upon that brought me thousands of dollars within the first month of using it that doesn’t require selling, lots of traffic, or even a fancy website. Virtually any consumer desperately wants what you’ll be giving away for free. There are so many possibilities with this technique, that there’s no longer a need to even compete with anyone! But even if you have to compete, I’ll show you how you can blow out any compe ion hands down using this technique. That’s precisely why I can sell this guide and give out the exact same technique that I use to make money, because with thousands and thousands of possibilities, there’s no need to ever even compete.

Most marketing gurus either know that their techniques won’t work for you, or they have moved onto a new technique and have left you with the dog scraps.

Not me! I use this exact same technique because it’s so easy and works! I couldn’t possibly harness its full potential even if I had hundreds of people working for me, so I decided to sell it here. I know that many of you may have tried making money online using things like Clickbank, Adsense, Pay-Per-Leads, and multiple affiliate programs. Although these can be great techniques for some people, I have found results with them less than desirable. I’m sure that many of you could relate to using techniques like Adsense and putting in tons of work. And what were you left with at the end of the month? I don’t know about you, but I made a whopping $2.07! Not exactly something to be jumping up and down about. But it certainly got me more excited when I made $10 to $20 every week or two using affiliate programs like Clickbank. Even though that was a fun experience for me, it just wasn’t worth my time. I even tried selling my own product for awhile with no success. I know I had a great product, and I know that it was a third of the price of other guides in my niche that didn’t contain a tenth of the information that I did, yet I couldn’t even sell it for $5! I thought I was pathetic. Then one day I decided to do something quite drastic. I was going to beat my compe ion by making EVERYTHING on my site completely free. Not only was I giving away all of my valuable guides, but I was giving away free services as well. Services that took up time on my part. Now I know that this sounds like a drastic measure to beat the compe ion, but I had to do something to survive! I wasn’t being stupid — I had one trick up my sleeve that I thought just MIGHT make some money for me. People called me a fool for offering everything for free. Some said I was wasting my time and was making the dumbest business decision of my life. Do you know what I thought? I thought that if I wasn’t making more than a few dimes anyway, why not try something new.

I was failing at everything online from Adsense to affiliate marketing with Clickbank. I thought I’d have nothing to lose by testing out a new technique I envisioned.

Boy was I right! Within a matter of hours, I made over $700. Then within a little more than a day or so, that number jumped up to $1,400 — pure profit. I was so excited that I jumped up and down and ran all over the house. If you don’t believe me, just ask my wife or my lovely two-year-old daughter (she didn’t understand, but she was equally as excited). I thought that my "secret technique" definitely had something to it, but I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just a rare fluke. Sure enough, I was able to repeat my success over and over again. Do you want to know the truly scary part? I was only doing this for one niche at that time, and I wasn’t even taking advantage of everything that I could have! I since have been able to improve upon my technique and expand it, but there were simply too many options out there for me to use my technique on every niche possible — there were literally thousands of possibilities. So I got the brilliant idea of writing this guide just for you. I thought to myself that since there’s thousands of possibilities out there to use this technique in, why shouldn’t I share it with others to make even more money? That’s how "The Big Secret" came about.

I wasn’t a big internet marketer, and I certainly didn’t have… Go to store

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