The Info River – Flood your website with fresh information! The Complete Keywords Package

The Info River - Flood your website with fresh information! The Complete Keywords Package

If you are running an online business, you probably know that one of the most effective ways to make money online is to build and promote your own websites. When it comes to successful money making, the basic principle is the same, no matter if we talk about affiliate marketing or running your own online store. You need to setup websites, update them with quality content, and promote them through the means of SEO and/or media buying. For those of you who don’t know, media buying = bought traffic.

For many internet marketers and online entrepreneurs from across the world, applying this principle is as easy as walking in the park. However, things are not as simple as they seem when it comes to maintaining a constant revenue stream from your online ventures. With search engine algorithms getting smarter and more complex than they ever were before, ranking your website and maintaining your search engine rankings is only possible if your content is valuable. With other words, the information published on your website needs to be usefull to your visitors and relevant to your website niche or field, in order to keep up with the current ranking algorithm.

The main purpose of this website is to provide online entrepreneurs with access to knowing exactly what internet users are searching for, related to a particular subject. The 100,000,000+ user-generated keywords available for instant download on our website, will allow you to know what your website audience cares about, what questions they need answers for, and which topics to discuss to really help your website visitors. "To be valuable, content must have uniqueness at the client level, and it must be meaningful." – Charles H Green, author of The Trusted Advisor.

In any niche or online market, if you know what people want and need to know, you can accomodotate your efforts more efficiently to fulfill the need for valuable and relative content, as well as for choosing topics that are both interesting and entertaining. All the keywords available on our website are actually searches made by real people, and have been gathered by our team from various drop down keyword suggesting sources. By using a powerfull, state of the art server-side custom script in conjunction with the Keyword A+A-Z, B+A-Z, C+A-Z……..Z+A-Z method, we were able to gather all the searches for each main keyword. This is the reason why some of our main keywords, such as "restaurant" have more than 1,000,000 results.

Each main keyword has it’s own .txt file that contains a number of keywords as shown below. Main keywords with more than 300,000 results have been highlighted in red.

When it comes to online business development, having access to all the 100 million+ keywords available on is also beneficial for internet marketers that strictly rely on media buying. It’s a known fact that PPC Search engines only show you the keywords that they want you to see, as a strategy to make you bid on more expensive keywords that will bring them larger profits.

This is where our complete keywords package comes in handy! Using all the long tail keywords for a product, service or business that you want to promote through a pay per click (PPC) search engine, allows you to bid on much cheaper search phrases/keywords, reduce the cost of your traffic campaigns, and increase your overall return of investment (R.O.I).

This keywords package contains the most popular questions that people are asking online. Mainly recommended for internet marketers that run or intend to open questions and answers websites, this package is also a very good base for research studies and other projects of this kind.

Local keywords can be very useful if you want to open a business in the city or state that you live in, as they can sparkle ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. For example, you live in Austin and you are interested in setting up a business related to services. As you don’t know what people are searching for online related to services in your city, you are randomly browsing the 313528 Austin keywords .txt file and you see the search phrase "Christm tree removal services Austin". This idea could be enough for you to start a successful business in that field, online or offline.

The keywords below are recommended for promoting digital products and e-books, as an affiliate. You can find these products to promote on big martketplaces such as ClickBank or JvZoo, or you can create and promote your own e-book, guide, etc. Using niche-targeted, low compe ion, long tail keywords on your websites, is the easiest way to get organic traffic and rank your… Go to store

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