affiliate link cloaker – cloak affiliate links – cloak links

affiliate link cloaker - cloak affiliate links - cloak links

It’s been estimated that up to 90% of all affiliate sales made online are lost to commission thieves. It’s a fact that if you sell as an affiliate, commission thieves are almost certainly stealing your commissions. If you’re not cloaking your affiliate links yet I’m going to explain why it’s so important. As an affiliate you have to embed your unique affiliate username or ID into the URL (web page address) of the link you use to promote someone else’s product. At the time of purchase link thieves simply remove your affiliate ID and insert their own and each and every time this has happened you’ve lost commission. Fortunately you can prevent this theft by disguising (cloaking) your affiliate links so they cannot see the actual link you are using. This stops the theives from removing your affiliate username so you actually get your commissions. This is how Link Fortress will protect you.

Unlike other products there’s no need to change your source code at all because Link Fortress Pro makes all the changes automatically for you. Then just upload them to your website. It’s that easy.

Links are protected using a piece of automatically generated and encrypted code which the web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozzila and other web browsers can fully understand but people can’t. This means that when they click on a protected link they still go to the correct URL (web page) but the actual location of the sales page is completely hidden from the user and vitally so is your affiliate username. Result: You get your sale and most importantly, you get your commission.

You see the actual iden y of the target link above is completely hidden. It’s hidden because we’ve used Link Fortress Pro. You can cloak links one at a time if you need to or cloak all the outbound affiliate links on any of your web pages at once. And when you use Link Fortress to automatically cloak outbound affiliate links on your web pages you will protect them without any need to manually change code . You could have 50, 100, 150 or more affiliate links on one page alone and Link Fortress Pro will protect all of them in a matter of seconds. All you’ll need to do is upload the Link Fortress created files to your webspace. You can imagine how much time and money you’re going to save with this, can’t you? It’s so much better than other cloakers.

Link Fortress will automatically maintain a copy of your original webpage for you to keep so that you always know where your links actually go.

"Link Fortress is in a cl of it’s own and has saved me many hours of time and effort by letting me cloak multiple pages containing hundreds of affiliate links with the click of a on. I searched far and wide for this type of effective "m affiliate link cloaking" software and couldn’t find anything else with the of Link Fortress. I was skeptical at first but it works like a charm and the support is GREAT. Keep up the great work." Mark Hamilton – (Note: Mark’s TopicDig site perfectly demonstrates what you can achieve using Link Fortress)

As well as being secure, Link Fortress Pro is very forgiving and very flexible. Crucially it will leave untouched any links that you don’t want protected. This powerful flexibility is absolutely vital to you because you still want the search engines to to "spider" all of the other links on your website.

1) Level 1 protection Link Fortress Pro will hide the true target of your links by overwriting what would normally appear in the status bar at the bottom of the screen in the users web browser.

2) Level 2 protection Even if the user knows how to view the source for your web page, Link Fortress Pro will stop them by making the link completely unreadable.

3) Level 3 protection For extra security Link Fortress Pro ensures that even within the protected version of the link there is no reference whatsoever to the original target URL with your affiliate ID.

4) Level 4 protection For each affiliate link you protect with Link Fortress Pro, it will automatically create an intermediate and protected webpage. This Increases the protection of your affiliate link.

5) Level 5 protection The intermediate page (which Link Fortress Pro creates automatically for each link you want to protect) is also further protected by encoding it’s contents too, to make it meaningless and unreadable.

6) Level 6 protection Lastly, when the user reaches the actual affiliate link (the product you’re promoting) it’s real location is completely hidden. The only visible URL (web page address) is that of the intermediate page which Link Fortress Pro created to protect your affiliate link… Go to store

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