Cheap Banner Advertising Rates and Impressions

Cheap Banner Advertising Rates and Impressions

Banner advertising on CMather Web Development is a great way to reach your target audience and promote your product, service or message online. Whether you’re a small business or a corporation, we can provide targeted impression exposure for your website!

At CMather we take advertising seriously! With over 10-years of online advertising experience we know what it takes to get the highest click-thru rates. Our intelligent banner-management software and anti-fraud prevention makes our site unique and is what takes us apart from our compe ors. Our CPM advertising solution ensures that all our advertisers will continue to run campaigns with us time after time.

The Internet is a very powerful advertising vehicle, which can be used for both specific advertising campaigns and also to create brand awareness which allow advertisers the unique ability to interact directly with the potential customer. Internet advertising is without doubt the most flexible and accountable advertising medium available at this time.

An “impression” is a term used to describe the action of a user viewing a page on which a banner or on appears on, that would make one page “impression”.

When the banner or on advert is c on by the user this takes them through to another linked destination, possibly another site or promotional jump page. This is what is termed as a “click-through”. A click-through rate or CTR can then be established, for example if the banner appears on a page 1000 times and 100 people c the banner advert to access the web site, this would give a click-through rate of 10%. The industry average is approximately 1%. This figure can vary widely for example some banner campaigns have experienced 20% click-through rate, others less than 1%, the challenge is to find out what strategy will work for your particular product or service. Go to store

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